Every experience converts into a review

Each consumer brings their own insights through sharing their own opinions. So as the number of consumers on our platform increases, richer gets our perceptive.

Rating & Reviews

Our vision is to create an independent exchange of trust. We provide a digital platform to the consumers to nurture a sense of trust and collaboration which is transparent.

Foodganic provides an open platform where any authentic user of organic products in India can rate and review the organic food productsbased on their purchase.

Accessibility, Transparency and Quality Moderation are our most important focus areas on this rating & review platform; real-life experiences of the consumers are highly valued.

We provide our users with accessible tools to find the products of their interest, read others’ reviews on them and share their own experiences. This will eventually influence retailers and manufacturers to not compromise on the quality of the products and maintain an optimum level of quality in their offerings.

How to rate and share the reviews on products

First of all, a consumer has to register with real credentials on the Foodoganic’s website. After verification, they are eligible to rate & review any product which they have purchased and used in real life.

Each and every review is mattered and valued at Foodoganic, we encourage consumers to share a descriptive analysis of the product used along with rating on various parameters.


Before being able to participate in any activity on the website, the user must create an account by filling the following Personal Data: name, surname, postal

A person can create and use only one account and only one account by email address or mobile number or social media account will be authorized.

After opening the account, a confirmation email is sent to the email address given when registering together with the user’s login credentials (username and password).

The user must click on the confirmation link of the email to validate his/her registration.


Every product is to be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 stands for ‘Not satisfactory at all’ and 5 stands for ‘Extremely Satisfactory’ based on the consumers’ experience on various parameters.

Rating needs utmost care as each star carries a significant weightage and affects a lot of future purchases.


Now reviews are supposed to be precise and detailed. Open ended, descriptive opinions are extremely important for both users and sellers. These tips should be considered while writing the reviews:

  • Specific points : What features are worth loving; what is something which one didn’t like. Rather of just mentioning that they liked the product, consumers are encouraged to tell why. Clear exemplification of specific features and further details should be shared.

  • Readable content : Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes should be avoided so that there are no inferred meanings or messages. Simple and clear language is appreciated

  • Objectivity : An objective approach with an effort to punctuate both cons and negatives in a review is expected, indeed if the experience leans heavily in one direction.

  • Relevancy : Consumers are supposed to stick to the topic and share only relevant information about the products. Though we follow fair moderation policies but consumers are also advised to avoid any irrelevant content or inappropriate language while sharing their reviews.

  • Product Recommendation & Sharing the word : The whole purpose of this rating & review function is to spread awareness about the good quality organic products to the new & existing consumers. Organic food products are still in a stage where affordability and availability is not so easy among the consumers. So it’s our initiative to the collective & collaborative community building. Recommending to buy a value for money product is sharing one’s own bit of help to the community. Once the review is published, sharing it on social media also helps to a great extent as it further spreads the awareness.

What impact are we creating?

Assuring the platform to be a safe place is a constant process so we allow only authentic and transparent content to be published here. We follow strict filtering process and stringent moderation policies as to share our responsibility for the Organic community of India.

Everyday new brands and products are being launched in the Organic Space of India. Even if they meet the required criteria for Organic Certification; many aspects – quality, hygiene, taste, affordability, and availability can only be verified and communicated by the real consumers who must have purchased and consumed those products.

We try to include vast choices across all categories and are always on a lookout for more products.Our focus lies on making consumers’ live easier by giving them better choices in their everyday purchases. We constantly review and streamline our reviewer process to facilitate easier navigation.

Our agenda is also to help people find the right products for them in less time and with less waste (less products purchased and thrown away because they’re not right).

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